The Bris ceremony is a Jewish ritual circumcision, welcoming a newborn baby boy into the covenant of Abraham.
The Bris should be the first of many happy milestones for your baby. Many people think of a circumcision as a painful surgical procedure. However, it does not have to be this way. A Bris is the connection between you, your spouse, and your baby. It is the link in the chain of the next generation. Painful clamps, hemostats, and forceps are not used thereby limiting the pain to the baby as much as possible. Of course it is impossible to go through all the detail of the Bris ceremony on this website.
Therefore I invite you to please be in contact with me and I will be glad to answer any more question or concerns you may have about your sons curcumcision.




Rabbi Chaim Heinemann is a highly skilled mohel who is both traditional and up-to-date.  He is a local Cincinnati heir to the finest practices in Jewish communal service. - Dr. Jeffery Zipkin, MD, Urologist, The Urology Group, Cincinnati

"Thank you for the care, love, and professionalism you put into our sons milah as well as the many follow up visits".- A.R.

"Rabbi Heinemann made me feel like I, and my baby, where his priority. He gave us lots of attention and care.He made me feel very comfortable with what he was doing... he was available to answer all my questions" -M.F.

"The Circumcision healed very quickly and nicely" - Dr. Stephen Bird, MD

"We are very pleased with the outstanding work of Rabbi Heinemann. He examined our son before the Bris, made a follow up house visit and was available for questions all the time. We recommend him highly!"- Shmuel and Elana Plotsker

"Rabbi Heinemann did a superb job on my Grandson's Bris. He was very professional and I felt very comfortable with his skill and sterile technique. I would unreservedly recommend him for any milah needs."- Douglas Behrman M.D.

"As well-experienced parents (this was the Bris of our 5th son...), as well as a pediatrician, we are able to appreciate the wonderful and above-the-expectations care of Rabbi Chaim as a Mohel, before, during and after the Bris! We warmly recommend him as your Mohel!"- Dr. Roni and Shira Gefen

Contact Information:

6515 Elbrook Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45237


Cell: 513-835-5005