About the Ceremony

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The Bris / Brit ceremony is a very special occasion and is accompanied by much happiness and rejoicing. The ceremony usually takes place at home, in a synagogue or at a catering hall. There are several honors to be conferred during the ceremony, usually bestowed upon the relatives and close friends of the baby's family.

A brief description of the ceremony is as follows: A couple enters with the baby and the baby is placed on a chair designated as the Chair of Elijah. The baby is then placed upon the lap of the Sandek (most often a grandfather) who holds the baby during the actual circumcision. After the appropriate blessing is recited, the circumcision is performed by the mohel. Immediately following the Bris / Brit, another blessing is said over a cup of wine, and the baby receives his official Hebrew name, which he will proudly carry throughout his life. The newborn child is often named after departed relatives, a symbolic source of life of those no longer with us. The ceremony ends with the resounding wish of "Mazel Tov!" followed by the serving of refreshments or a light meal.








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